Mobistealth Spy Software

Mobistealth is a phone software that enables you to monitor the cellphones of others. This can range from family members, spouse, employees or colleagues. Once installed in the target phone, it records all information and activities from the phone and sends the data to your online account. This is an account you open on purchase of the software in which all recorded data is stored. The software monitors text messages, emails, GPS locations, photos, videos, call details, chats, browser history and more. It derives its name stealth because it operates without the knowledge of the target. It will work on platforms like blackberry, iphone, windows mobile, android and more.

The software comes in two versions namely light and pro. The features of light include:

  • GPS tracking and physical location indicator – it makes it possible to to track real time the location of the monitored phone, a log is also kept of all movement involved.
  • Web and email log – It maintains and records all email communication and browser history from the phone including the deleted ones.
  • SMS log – Any communication via SMS is recorded, its origin and any reply made. This includes a log of the time the communication was happening.
  • Contact details – it enables you to see and copy all the contacts stored in the target phone.
  • The Pro version enjoys more features namely:
  • Call recording – it secretly records any targeted conversation, considering that the conversation is not stored on the phone, you can record whole day long.
  • Spy call recording – it captures live audio from the surroundings including other phone conversations. You can listen in to any conversation that is happening near the phone.
  • SIM change alert – It alerts you when the target phone’s Sim card is removed or changed and notifies you of the new number.


  • You are able to track your target to any location on Google maps. This is very helpful especially when dealing with employees who do not operate within a confined premise. A good example would be long distance tour operators.
  • You have a recording of all conversations or communications from the target phone. This works very well not only in the office but in the house. You can offer security to your children better when you know how and to who your house help talks to.
  • You are able to view all videos and photos and store them in a separate location. Important to note, the software also works in personal computers. This assists monitoring how employees spend their time on the computers.
  • The software works in secret, it is completely undetectable. It would make a very poor spy if everybody knew it was there, they would put on a show.
  • Mobistealth comes with a money back guarantee, offers round the clock support and free updates on purchase.


  • In case of a trial, most of the evidence you have collected may not be admissible in a court of law.
  • Morally, it is seen as a violation of an individuals privacy.
  • If somebody else uses the phone either to text, browse or chat, it will not differentiate as to who was using it at that time. This may lead to misguided conclusions.

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